New bins and bin replacements

Damaged bin

Council will repair or replace your bin if it has been damaged.

A bin is considered damaged and will be repaired if it is missing its wheels or lid. If the bin has a split body it will be replaced with a new bin.

You can report a damaged bin through the Council website or contact Council. You need to place your empty damaged bin on the naturestrip to await repair or replacement.

Lost or stolen bin

To prevent theft or damage to your bins, you need to bring them back onto your property within 24 hours of your waste collection.

You can report a lost or stolen bin through Council's website or contact Council. Once Council receives your request, a replacement bin will be delivered within 48 working hours. 

Bins in new properties

If you move into a new property which does not already have a garbage and recycling bin on site, contact Council to order bins for the property and arrange delivery.

Residents and businesses can recycle garden waste by ordering a green waste bin from Council. There is a one-off fee.

Shared bins at multi unit developments

Shared bins are provided at many multi-unit and apartment sites across Moreland for use by all residents at the development. They are agreed to as part of the Waste Management Plan (WMP) process between the developer and Council.

Shared garbage and recycling bins generally have 240 litres of capacity and are 3 times larger than the standard 80 litre garbage bin. One shared garbage bin has the capacity to service 2 to 3 dwellings.

To ensure that the shared bins are effectively by all:

To reduce the amount of general waste produced by residents at your development you could:

New look garbage bin design and lid colour

Garbage bin with red lidNew garbage bins have a red lid

If you receive Council's waste service for the first time or have your bin replaced, you will receive a garbage bin with a red lid. Existing garbage bins in Moreland have a dark green lid.

This change is to ensure Council adheres to the Australian Standard. Over time, all garbage bins in Moreland will have a red lid. 

Contact Council if you need further information.

The design of the 80 litre garbage bin has changed 

The old 80 litre bin had the same sized body as a 120 litre bin with a raised floor to make the bin volume 80 litres. The new 80 litre bin does not have a raised floor but has a smaller body.

While the new bin looks smaller than the old 80 litre bin, it holds the same volume of waste.