Community composting hubs

What is a composting hub?

Community composting hubs assist people who are unable to compost their food waste at home. 

Moreland residents can register to use a community composting hub where they can take their food waste for composting. Hubs are located at schools and community gardens where the composted material is used to grow food.

The hubs are made up of either worm farms or compost bins or bays. These composting systems rely on worms and other micro organisms to break down the food waste and convert it into compost or castings and worm juice. Not all food waste can be added to a compost bin or worm farm. Go to composting bins and worm farms  to find out what can and cannot be placed in a compost bin.

Join Sharewaste

Another option is to find a neighbour nearby with a compost bin they are willing to share through Sharewaste who bring together hosts (who receive organic waste) with donors (who donate their organic waste) to process kitchen scraps into new soil.

Register to use a composting hub

Please fill in the registration form if you would like to register to use a composting hub at:

  • Moomba Park Primary School, Fawkner
  • PepperTree Place Community Nursery, Coburg
  • West Brunswick Community Garden, Brunswick West or
  • Pentridge Community Garden, Coburg.

See below for maps and addresses of the four hubs in Moreland.

Please note that Pentridge Community Garden composting hub has limited seasonal opening times of 9 am - 12.30 pm Sundays and 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm Wednesdays in Summer and 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm Sundays in Winter. 

Once you have registered you will receive information about the hub and a reminder of what materials can and cannot be composted.

If you use a Bokashi Bin this material can be deposited at either PepperTree Place or West Brunswick Community Garden composting hub provided:

  • the contents have been fermented in the bin for at least two weeks,
  • it does not contain any uncooked meat (to avoid salmonella contamination), and
  • the leachate (liquid) has been removed.

Compost hub registration form

Compost Hub location

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If you are having trouble filling in the above form please email Waste Services with your details.

Community composting hub locations

 Composting hub moomba park map

Address: 111 Anderson Road, Fawkner

 Composting hub peppertree place map

Address: Urquhart Street, Coburg

Composting hub west brunswick map

Address: Dunstan Reserve, Everett Street, Brunswick West


 Composting Hub Pentridge Community Garden

Address: 1 Stockade Avenue, corner of Murray Road, Coburg. The entrance is on Moonering Drive.