Swap goods

Donate or sell your unwated goods, find secondhand items for free, swap and share goods and services to reduce waste to landfill and save resources.

There are now several websites and online groups to help keep quality, used items circulating, share skills, save money and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Freecycle is an online email network for donating and finding free secondhand goods. There are groups around the world.
  • Ziilch is a website for donating and finding free secondhand goods. Notifications are only sent for items you are interested in.
  • Swap Exchange is a network for bartering goods, services, skills, information and goodwill. Members use the system of barter to replace unwanted goods with things they need or to access professional services.
  • Openshed is an online resource for sharing rather than buying goods.
  • You can also sell goods online at Gumtree and Ebay.