Pest control

Pest control services and products

Council does not provide any direct pest control services and does not sell pest control products.

You need to contact a licensed pest control service directly. 

Pest control products can be purchased at a hardware store or supermarket.

Some things you can do to help control pests:

  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness within the home, which is the one basic rule to avoid pests.
  • Seal off all crevices in and around problem areas as this will reduce access points for pests.
  • Check there is adequate sub-floor ventilation.

Bees and wasps

Bees and wasps can be a problem, especially in spring and early summer. Bees and wasps sting people and some people have a serious allergy to bees.

A swarm of bees may stay in the one area for up to two or three days and then leave. If you are concerned and want to remove a bee swarm or wasp nest, contact a licensed pest controller. Do not remove it yourself.

Who is responsible for bee swarms and wasp nests?

On private property, the owner of a property is responsible for bee swarms or wasp nests. 

On a light pole, contact:

On Council land, parks, pools or buildings, contact Council.

Termites and white ants

Termites and white ants can damage houses and units. They like damp areas and eat wood and can weaken a building structure. House insurance generally does not cover damage by termites and white ants.

In Moreland, there are no large areas that have termite infestation. This may change in the future, and there may be small sections of Moreland with termites. Visit Victorian Building Authority for information on termite infested areas in Victoria.

You should put gardens, materials and rainwater tanks away from walls, regularly check decks and wooden verandahs, and repair leaks quickly.