Moreland Multicultural and Settlement Services Network

The Council strategies and priorities to address emerging issues for Moreland's multicutural communities are outlined in the Moreland Multicultural Policy and Action Plan (PDF 5Mb) or Moreland Multicultural Policy and Action Plan (DOC 5Mb).

Council is committed to working with local settlement services to identify and address key migrant settlement issues.

The Moreland Multicultural and Settlement Services Network is convened by the Diversity Officer in order to:

  • build relationships between settlement service providers
  • provide opportunity for service coordination in the multicultural sector
  • discuss settlement issues and settlement planning updates, and
  • share settlement news, data, and new developments.


The membership is open to all multicultural service providers that service the City of Moreland. Invitations are extended (but not limited) to representatives from the following organisations:


Meetings are held bi-monthly.

Employment Pathways for Asylum Seekers

Employment skills workshops including individualsed ongoing support for young asylum seekers are available. Email Mona Ray-Greig at Brotherhood of St. Laurence or ring 0427 965 829 for further information.

Urgent assistance

For urgent assistance contact: