Commercial planning permit applications

Moreland City Council understands that new and expanding businesses can have a significant benefits to community, including increasing employment and investment in Moreland.

If you want to establish a new business or expand an existing business in Moreland you may need a planning permit.

The best way to find out if you need a planning permit and what is required for a planning permit application is to contact Council or visit the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg to speak to a Council planning officer. This is a free service.

Applying for a planning permit

To apply for a planning permit for a new business or expansion to an existing business you need to complete the Application for Planning Permit form (PDF 666Kb).

For step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a planning permit and what information you need to submit with the application, see planning process.

Commercial Priority applications

Council has a Commercial Priority process to help reduce delays for planning permit applications.

A planning permit application qualifies for Commercial Priority if it proposes:

  • a new business in Moreland, or
  • development for an expansion of an existing business where the cost of works is greater than $100,000 or where it can be demonstrated that the development will result in a significant increase in local employment.

In most cases, Commercial Priority applications will be approved in less than 60 days. There are no extra planning fees for Commercial Priority applications.

For more information, see the Commercial Priority Guide (PDF 154Kb) or Commercial Priority Guide (DOC 232Kb) and the Commercial Priority Checklist (PDF 126Kb) or Commercial Priority Checklist (DOC 208Kb).

The best way to find out if your proposal qualifies for Commercial Priority and complies with the Moreland Planning Scheme is to contact Council to organise a free pre-application meeting with our Commercial Priority Planner.

Commercial signage permits

Business identification signs

In most cases, you will need a planning permit to display a business identification sign.

A business identification sign displays the name of a business, a company logo or information about a business. Examples of business identification signs are a pole displaying the name of a petrol station, a painted business name on a building or a sign that is lit up at night.

For more information, see the Advertising signs checklist (PDF 361Kb) or Advertising signs checklist (DOC 429Kb).

You can also contact Council to speak to or arrange an appointment with a Council planning officer.

Real estate advertisement signs

A real estate sign with an advertisement area of 10 square metres or less that is advertising the sale or letting of the property on which it is displayed does not usually require a planning permit.

However, you will need a real estate signage permit to display a temporary real estate sign on the footpath.

Clause 52.05 of the Moreland Planning Scheme and Clause 22.07 of the Moreland Planning Scheme provide more information about the rules related to displaying advertising signs. You can also view the complete Moreland Planning Scheme online.

Development Contributions Plan levy

Council has introduced the Development Contributions Plan Levy (DCP), which applies to any proposal to increase the leasable floor area of a commercial or industrial building.

For more information, including a calculator to estimate the DCP amount, see Moreland Development Contributions Plan.