Windows WOW! window rejuvenation program

Wow windowsCouncil, in partnership with RMIT, have rejuvenated shops in the Merlynston shopping strip in North Coburg, running from November to mid-January 2016.

Students enrolled in the Associate Degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising program were invited to take part in this project.

These students have created a vibrant fashion and accessory theme in vacant shop windows using products from Moreland-based businesses, including Cargo Crew, WheatBags Love, Ruby Woman, Harlow and Kick and Screen.

Students - in teams of two - were provided with $100 towards the design and implementation of their window display.

Council saw this as a great opportunity to partner with RMIT in a project through our Shopping Strips Renewal Program, to provide multiple benefits to local business, a local shopping strip, local designers, local people of Merlynston and RMIT students.

The Windows WOW! Project will rejuvenate five shop front windows in the Merlynston Shopping Strip to provide brighter, updated displays ready for the festive season.

Rejuvenating an area can provide a space where people want to linger, rather than passing by. Locals are more likely to stop, look at the local shops and the products in the window.

This project also provides an opportunity for local designers to reach new markets by displaying their products in a different location and opportunities for local traders to connect with local residents. RMIT student's also have a chance to gain real life work experience.

Best window

The best-designed window will win a prize of $200 awarded to each student in the winning team.

Watch the Windows WOW! video

This video has captions you can turn on and off using the video controls.

More information

For more information, email Council Retail Facilitation Officer or phone 9240 2462.