Councillor expenses and code of conduct

Councillor expenses

Councillor expenses are costs incurred by Council to facilitate Councillor involvement and representation in Moreland.

The Local Government Act 1989 regulates the allowance payable to Mayors and Councillors in Victoria, setting minimum and maximum amounts. Each Council has discretion within an allowable range to determine the allowances it will pay to its Mayor and Councillors, having regard to local circumstances and priorities.

Additionally, Councillors are entitled to claim expenses for some activities incurred in their capacity as a Councillor. These expenses are outlined in the Councillor Support and Reimbursement Policy (DOC 92Kb).

In the Mayor's Speech 2006, Council committed to place Councillor expenses on its website, in line with other Councils, ensuring greater transparency.

Councillor code of conduct

Under the Local Government Act 1989, each Council must develop and approve a Councillor code of conduct.

A Councillor code of conduct:

  • must include the Councillor conduct principles
  • may set out processes for resolving an internal dispute between Councillors, and
  • may include any other matters relating to the conduct of Councillors, which Council considers appropriate.

View the Councillors Code of Conduct Policy (DOC 146Kb) or the signed Councillors Code of Conduct Policy (PDF 753Kb)

This document was updated within 12 months of the 2012 Council elections, in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989. Copies are also available from Council Customer Service Centres.