Glenroy Skate Park project, former Northern Golf Driving Range site

Project backgroundGlenroy Skate Park construction

In 2013 Moreland City Council acquired approximately 1.8ha of land formally known as the Northern Golf Driving Range on Glenroy Road, Glenroy (west of Sewell Reserve). 

The Moreland Open Space Strategy (MOSS) 2012- 22 (PDF 5Mb), Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2014-18 (PDF 25Mb) and Council's Oxygen Phase 2 - Report and Action Plan 2015-18 (PDF 3Mb) all nominate a skate park in Glenroy as a key action in contributing to enhancing the range of age groups that our open space facilities cater for across the municipality.

On 10 February 2016 Council endorsed the Northern Golf Course Driving Range as the preferred site for the Glenroy Skate Park, after extensive analysis of various sites across Glenroy.

Glenroy Skate Park constructionFunds were allocated in the 2016-17 budget for community consultation, design and contract documentation of a new district scale skate facility for the Northern Golf Course Driving Range.


A community consultation session was held on 27 April 2017, where approximately 40 people gathered to discuss ideas for the skate space and site in general.

A draft landscape plan (PDF 959Kb) was prepared for the site based on ideas generated at this meeting. A second community consultation session was held on 18 May 2017, where the draft landscape plan (PDF 959Kb) was presented to approximately 60 people.

While there was a lot of positive feedback on the proposed plan, concerns were raised on issues including the consultation process on location, noise, over cluttering of the open space, parking issues during sporting events, traffic speed and volume along Glenroy Road and general misconceptions/fear of antisocial behaviours associated with skate parks.

In addressing these concerns, the revised landscape plan (PDF 178Kb) places the proposed skate park and netball/multi courts with a 50 metre setback from residential properties to minimise noise projection. Over 60% of the site is proposed to remain as open space with walking paths and tree planting. Additional features of the landscape plan include off street parking, furniture and fitness equipment are all a direct response to feedback from the community, and were not funded within the current budget allocation.

At the Council meeting held on 12 July 2017, Council resolved to

  1. Endorse the revised landscape plan (PDF 178Kb) for the former Northern Golf Driving Range site and proceed with detail design and construction of the Glenroy Skate Park if funded in the 2017-18 financial year.
  2. Inform all residents within 400 metres of the site and other stakeholders of this outcome.
  3. Refer an additional $150,000 to the 2018-19 capital works budget for completion of the landscape plan.
  4. Begin the process of officially naming the reserve ‘Sewell Reserve’ as an extension of the existing park.

With the budget being endorsed by Council on 24 July 2017, these works can begin. 

Construction of the Glenroy Skate Park is planned to commence in October, with completion expected by the end of December 2017. Implementation of the remaining elements of the landscape plan will continue in 2018-19.

Further information and consultation feedback

For further information on the glenroy skate park or landscape plan for the site please email Alli Coster, Unit Manager Open Space Design and Development Unit or phone 8311 4373.


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