Fleming Park open space refurbishment, Brunswick East

Construction overview

The scope of work for installation of new toilet facilities and the park and playspace upgrade to be constructed are as shown in the Revised Open Space Upgrade Plan (PDF 262Kb).

Coordination of these combined projects has resulted in some delays in completion, due in part to the allocation of additional funding for playspace relocation not able to be confirmed until relatively late in the financial year.

Additionally, Council will be consulting the community ahead of refreshing the Fleming Park Master Plan

Early works

With funding already in place for new toilets at Fleming Park, work on the shared path realignment was started early to allow for toilet installation without further delay.

Early works commenced in May 2017 and were completed in early August 2017.

This involved the engagement of more than ten separate contractors to achieve a broad range of civil and landscape elements, including:

  • Demolition of shared path, toilet/canteen building, playspace and redundant light poles
  • Disconnection of existing irrigation system in works area
  • Connection of new water supply and abolishment of old lighting power supply
  • Installation of new branch line for sewer, plumbing for new drink fountains and toilet, plus new electrical cabling and conduit for lighting, power and irrigation
  • Construction of southern section of new concrete shared use path
  • Construction of new toilets, picnic shelter and BBQ along with concrete pads and path connections
  • Earthworks including excavation for concrete and building works plus topsoiling and trimming to establish new finished levels

Completion works

While construction work has proceeded, other project work has progressed off-site with a range of procurement activities that includes sourcing of furniture, play equipment, landscape materials, irrigation equipment and park entry gates.

These and other items have been secured in readiness for the civil and landscape contractor to install as part of their construction program.

The process of engaging the contractor began in April with preparation of detailed documentation and it was intended to have a contractor in place to commence immediately upon completion of the early works.

Unfortunately this was delayed due to a range of factors including the initial limited availability of contractors to take on new work due to an apparent peak in demand.

Contractual delays were then encountered in the transition between ending and start of financial years.

Since the actual engagement of the selected contractor in August 2017, further delays in work re-commencing have occurred due to instances of bad weather over an extended period from late winter, affecting the contractor’s ability to complete other projects in hand.

Park improvements

The completion of works will see the installation of new playground with a great range of play equipment including swing set with Basket Swing, as shown in the Revised Open Space Upgrade Plan (PDF 262Kb).

The upgraded picnic area will have new park shelter and barbecue as well as new picnic settings and drink fountains, along with additional tree planting for shade.  

The shared path realignment when completed will see the physical separation of cycle path from the circuit footpath around the oval, which is shown in the Shared Path Alignment Plan (PDF 123Kb).

This is one of a number of changes in the path network in the eastern portion of Fleming Park designed to achieve significant improvement in circulation and safety, greatly reducing potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.

Timeline for construction

The civil and landscape contractor has been engaged in contract preliminaries from early September, and is due to commence works on site in the week commencing 20 September 2017.

There is a period of 6-8 weeks indicated for construction, which is subject to encountering no significant delays due to bad weather.

Provided there is no significant occurrence of bad weather affecting progress it is planned for the new playground and picnic area with new shelter and BBQ to be available for use in early November 2017.

  • May 2017 - start early works
  • August 2017 - complete early works
  • 20 September 2017 - commence completion works
  • 9 November 2017 - project completion

Further information

If you would like to receive more information on this project or provide feedback on proposals, email Open Space or phone 8311 4391 to speak with Andrew Blight, Landscape Architect, Open Space Design and Development Unit.

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