North West FM Community Radio station building

Project overview

North West FM radio station is located at 121 Middle Street, Hadfield (at the rear of Hadfield Community Hall).

The radio station building has received a refurbishment to its interior and exterior.

The following internal works were carried out:

  • Ceiling repair works including painting
  • Replacement of all flourescent light tubes
  • Replacement of studio entry ceiling light
  • Painting of the ceiling and walls, and
  • Installation of emergency lighting.

The following external works were undertaken:

  • Improvements to storm water drainage
  • Removal of the louvre windows and replaced with panes of glass, sealing the building from the elements, and
  • Roof repairs.

Budget and timelines

  • Construction costs: $50,000
  • Project completion date: April 2017
 Hadfield Radio station exterior before  Hadfield radio station exterior - after
 Hadfield radio front entrance - before  Hadfield NWFM front entrance - after



If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.