Brunswick skate and BMX facility

Project overviewBrunswick Skate Park Launch 2015

Moreland City Council has built a new skate and BMX park in Clifton Park, Brunswick. This facility has expanded the active uses at this popular park, encouraging a different group of local users into this vibrant space.

Project launch

The skate park was formally opened by at a celebratory launch on Friday 9 October 2015.

Budget and timelines

  • Budget: $500k for design and construction, including funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria.
  • Timeline: Construction commenced June 2015 and was complete August.

Brunswick skate bowl

The new skate park features a clover-style bowl (1.2, 2.4 and 3.3 metre depths) with a small street section.

History - Albert Street versus Victoria Street sites

The original plan was to construct a clover-style bowl and street plaza section in Clifton Park near the existing basketball half-court on Albert Street. The new site is for the facility to be located in the north-east corner of Clifton Park, fronting Victoria Street.

The original site on Albert Street had the bowl situated within 2 metres of a neighbouring factory. As Council is currently reviewing the future use of industrial land across Moreland (which includes the neighbouring factory land) it has been decided that the original site proposed for the skate park may not be the most appropriate, and a new location on Victoria Street is being investigated.


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