Brunswick Baths roof retiling

Brunswick Baths Roof re-tiling

Project overview

The Brunswick Baths is located at 16 Dawson Street, Brunswick. The building is approximately 80 years old. In 2013 Council completed major refurbishment of this facility, although this did not include replacement of the Dawson Street main roof tiles. 

Council appointed a contractor to undertake the repair works, including the removal and replacement of roof tiles and battens.

Budget and timelines

  • Project Budget: $300,000
  • Construction Period: September to October 2016

Major stages of the project

  • Contract – awarded
  • Permits and approvals – complete
  • Construction – Ducon Maintenance Pty Ltd were engaged to undertake the roof re-tiling works


If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.