Lodge a planning property enquiry

What is a planning property enquiry?

A planning property enquiry provides you written advice about the planning controls that apply to a property.

It can be used to get information about:

  • planning permits issued for a property
  • details of any outstanding planning enforcement matters
  • what you can or cannot do on the property that may be restricted by planning controls, or
  • if you need a planning permit for a proposed use or development including whether you need a planning permit for a liquor licence

Council encourages prospective buyers of a property or business to obtain written advice about the planning approvals that have been obtained for the land before buying a property or business. Council also encourages residents and businesses to find out early if a planning permit is required for any changes to a building or a proposed new use.

If you apply for a planning property enquiry it is helpful if you give Council as much information as you can so that we can provide you with the best advice possible. This could include a certificate of title that is current (less than 3 months old) or draft plans if you have them. If you are proposing a new business, any information about the proposed business including the hours of operation, carparking will assist.

How to apply for planning information


By post or in person

Complete the Planning Property Enquiry form (DOC 76Kb) and attach any relevant information such as a title or draft plans.

Submit the application and forms with the fee by post to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058 or in person at the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.


See planning fees for the fee for the planning property enquiry service. 

Advice to buyers and business operators

You should check the conditions of planning permits and the endorsed plans thoroughly to ensure these match what has been constructed, or how the land is being used. Once the property or business is sold to you, as the owner or occupier of the land, you are then responsible for any discrepancies and ensuring that the property or business complies with the endorsed plans and permits.

Further information is available by contacting Council.