Lodge a development application online

We recommend you refer to the planning process before submitting an application.

You can lodge and pay some planning applications online. When you apply online Council receipts your application faster and your application is allocated to an officer more quickly.

Development applications you can make online

Multi dwelling development
This includes all unit development in residential zones including the development of any dwelling on a site where a dwelling already exists (dual occupancy)

Mixed use development
This includes all development with a residential and commercial component. It may also include the reduction or waiver of carparking for these developments.

Single dwelling development
This includes but is not limited to applications for:

  • Construction or extension to dwellings on a lot with an area less than 300 square metres
  • Demolition, construction, extension or alteration to a dwelling in a Heritage Overlay.
  • Construction or extension to dwellings in the Special Building Overlay.

Change of use
This is for use only (i.e. no construction) and includes applications for:

  • A new use or a change of use (no construction).
  • A request to waive or reduce the carparking requirements associated with a new or existing use.
  • A request for a planning permit for a liquor licence.

Buildings and works
This includes:

  • Demolition, extension or alteration to any building other than a single dwelling
  • Construction of a new commercial property
  • Works such as excavation

Change of use and Buildings and Works
A new use or changed use that also has a construction component as described above under Buildings and Works.

Advertising signs
These are applications for signage only.

Please note you cannot lodge applications to amend a planning permit online.

How to lodge your application online

  • You must register first as a user on the Council Online Services website before you can apply application.
  • Once you are a registered user, you can lodge an application online.
  • As part of the online application process, the fee is calculated and paid online by Visa or MasterCard.

Information required

To lodge an application online, the following information is required:

  • details of the applicant
  • details of the land owner
  • details of the application including the current land use, the proposed land use, estimated cost and whether a pre-application meeting has taken place (if applicable)
  • a recent copy of the title (no more than 3 months old) and details of any covenant or encumbrance on the title
  • site/floor plans
  • elevations, and
  • any other relevant information about the proposal.

Please note some applications may require additional information. A Council officer will let you know if more information is needed.

Copies of plans

You will need separate electronic files for the title, site/floor plans and elevations up to a maximum size of 4MB each.

  • If a file is between 4MB and 10MB, the application can be lodged online but you must email Council Planning Applications the file. Include in your email the transaction reference you get when you have completed the application online.
  • If a file exceeds 10MB, the application can be lodged online but the permit/plan must be mailed or handed in person to Council. Include the transaction reference you get when you have completed the application online.

Hard copy plans must also be mailed or handed in to Council

After you lodge online, you must mail 2 hard copies of the plans to Council so we can easily assess the plans and advertise them if required. Please include with the hard copy plans, a copy of the confirmation you receive at the end of your online lodgement (you can print the screen).

These plans must be received by Council within 5 business days of applying online. If hard copies plans are not received within this time your application will be delayed as you will receive a request for additional information.

Hard copy plans can be mailed to Council at Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058 or can be dropped into the Council offices at 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

What happens after you submit your application

When Council receives your online application, it assesses the application to make sure it includes all necessary information. If major information is missing, the application will be rejected.

If the application is accepted, Council then gives the application a number and an urban planner from Council begins to process the application.

Within a week Council sends you a letter. The letter:

  • confirms that Council has your application, and
  • gives you the name and contact details of Council’s urban planner who processes your application.

Council’s urban planner does a first assessment of the application and then may:

Please note when a planning officer assesses the application further fees may be payable depending on permit and planning scheme requirements.