Filming in Moreland

If you are filming on a road, footpath, nature strip, park or open space, or car park managed by Council, you need to apply for a permit from Council.

The filming equipment you use and the potential impact on pedestrian and driver safety determines the type of permit you need to apply for.

You will need to apply for a temporary road closure permit if:

  • filming equipment includes more than a hand-held camera, or
  • filming may impact the movement or safety of traffic or pedestrians.

A temporary road closure permit gives you permission to close a section of the road for non-standard purposes, such as filming.

See temporary road occupation permit for further information on how to apply and information Council requires about your filming 

If you are filming on a footpath or nature strip with only a hand-held camera and no potential impact on traffic or pedestrians, apply for an on-street activity permit

Students and not-for-profit groups requesting special consideration must also provide details of their associated organisations.

Further information

If you require further information or would like to speak about your filming project, please phone Council or email Manager Communications and Customer Service.