Proposed General Local Law 2018


The Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) provides the context for developing local laws and gives authority to Council to make local laws.

Following an extensive development process, Moreland City Council has prepared a new draft proposed General Local Law (DOC 524Kb).

At the July Council meeting, Council resolved to endorse the draft proposed General Local Law 2018 (DOC 524Kb) and the Community Impact Statement (DOC 96Kb) for public comment.

The proposed General Local Law is a comprehensive document designed to provide the community and Council officers with greater clarity and certainty as to interpretation and application.

The proposed General Local Law will consolidate the General Local Law 2007 with the Environmental and Civic Assets Local Law 2014.

A review of the current local laws identified a number of regulatory improvements and the benefit of consolidating the two Local Laws into one single Local Law.

The outcome of the review informed the development of the proposed General Local Law which seeks to provide a clear and concise direction for Council Officers, residents and the wider community.

A number of existing provisions have been refined, modified or removed whilst a number of new provisions have been incorporated into the proposed new Local Law.

The main changes incorporated into the proposed law are:

  1. Formatting and language – Re-ordering and grouping of sections of the Local Law and simplification of the language used
  2. Significant trees – Clauses have been included requiring a permit to prune, kill and remove a significant tree. This has been included to assist in maintaining the natural environment and the aesthetics of the municipality and will aid in providing shade, shelter and habitat
  3. Camping – Is permissible in public areas of the municipality that are prescribed by Council. Camping for recreational purposes is not permissible in other public areas unless (a) a person is homeless or in need of secure accommodation; (b) a person is experiencing challenging circumstances and is in need of additional support
  4. Charity/donation bins – A clause has been included requiring a permit to be obtained prior to placing any charity/donation bin on a road or on Council land
  5. Causing obstruction, distribution of handbills and soliciting of money – These clauses are not included in the proposed Local Law
  6. Penalty units – The penalty units within the proposed Local Law have been updated to reflect the level of the breach, with offences committed by corporations being twice the amount set out in the schedule and the maximum penalty applied to repeat offences committed by corporations
  7. Construction management – Provisions have been included to increase the control of activities around building site to address issues of noise, dust and other disturbances caused by building works

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The consultation period closed on 20 August 2017.

Where are we at?

On 6 December 2017 Moreland City Council (‘Council’) made a Local Law titled Moreland City Council General Local Law 2018 (‘the Local Law’). 

The Local Law comes into effect on 1 February 2018

Hard copies of the Moreland City Council General Local Law 2018 will be available at Council Libraries, Customer Service Centres and the Council website from 1 February 2018.

For more information please call 9240 1111.