Heritage Action Plan


Heritage Action Plan

A draft Moreland Heritage Action Plan 2017 - 2032 (PDF 1Mb) has been prepared to assist Council to meet its heritage obligations as set out in various legislation in an integrated manner.

The draft Plan sets out actions for the further identification, conservation and management of the City's heritage and also identifies positive heritage measures already being undertaken.

The draft Plan provides a clear framework for Council and its partners in identifying, managing, protecting and celebrating our City's heritage, under four key themes:

  • Knowing - To know where we have come from and understand the significance of our heritage.
  • Protecting - To protect Moreland's heritage places from inappropriate demolition, development or subdivision.
  • Supporting - To assist in conserving and educating others about our heritage places.
  • Communicating - To celebrate, connect with and enjoy our heritage places.

A comprehensive set of strategies and actions to implement the above four themes has been developed to guide Council's role in heritage. Each action has been prioritised in terms of high, medium, low or on-going. Budget implications, delivery timeframes and measures have also been identified for each action.

Implementation Plan

Forty-five key projects are identified in the Implementation Plan which forms part of the draft Moreland Heritage Action Plan 2017 - 2032, to be actioned over a 16 year period. These projects address key heritage related issues and challenges for Moreland. 

Some of the heritage challenges and opportunities identified include:

  • Loss of heritage fabric
  • Managing growth while protecting and enhancing heritage
  • Recognising our Aboriginal Heritage
  • Identifying and protecting our bluestone heritage, and
  • Streamlining planning permit requirements.

The implementation plan will guide the prioritisation and execution of actions in alignment with Council's annual budgeting processes. Some of the implementation actions under each theme include:

Knowing: Undertake an assessment of Moreland's bluestone infrastructure, including the laneway network, buildings, bridges and foundations.

Protecting: Prepare a Planning Scheme Amendment to implement the Heritage Gaps Study and include properties in the Heritage Overlay.

Supporting: Recognise Aboriginal cultural heritage through ongoing connection and engagement with traditional owners of the land.

Communicating: Investigate mapping the migration history of Moreland.


Council is committed to working with its partners, including local historical groups, local Indigenous communities, the custodians of heritage places and Heritage Victoria to deliver its heritage objectives.

Public Consultation for the draft Moreland Heritage Action Plan 2017 - 2032 has now ended.

Drop-in session

A drop in session was held on Tuesday 7 March 2017.


The consultation period for the draft Moreland Heritage Action Plan 2017 - 2032 has now ended.

More information

If you have a question about the draft Moreland Heritage Action Plan 2017 - 2032, contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on 9240 2422 or email Strategic Planning.

For more information about developing a property with a heritage overlay, see heritage.


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