Draft Urban Forest Strategy


The draft Urban Forest Strategy 2017-2027 will guide the future management of Moreland's urban forest, aiming to create a municipality where healthy trees and vegetation are a core part of the urban environment.

The Strategy aims to deliver practical measures that guide the planning and protection of vegetation across Moreland.

The term 'urban forest' includes vegetation in both public and private spaces, such as home gardens, nature strips, street trees, balcony plants, rooftop gardens and green walls. It also includes public parks with trees, shrubs, grasslands and wetlands. 

In summary, the City of Moreland’s:

  • Overall vegetation canopy from the urban forest is 14%
  • Public land contributes 5% of total municipal urban forest cover, and
  • Private tree canopy has declined by 24% since 2005.

The Strategy aims to double the canopy coverage within public areas by 2030 from 5% to 10%, by planting larger canopy trees within streetscapes, parks and natural resource management areas.

More information

If you have any specific interest, concerns or questions relating to the Urban Forest Strategy, then please contact Alex English from Council's Open Space Unit on 8311 4387 or via email.