Domestic Animal Management Plan


Victorian Councils are required to complete a Domestic Animal Management Plan every four years.

This Plan:

  • sets out a methodology for evaluating the services provided by the animal management team
  • outlines training for officers
  • outlines strategies and programs to promote and encourage responsible ownership of dogs and cats
  • minimises the risk of dog attacks
  • addresses over-population and euthanasia rates
  • encourages registration and identification of dogs and cats
  • minimises potential for dogs and cats to cause nuisance
  • identifies and manage dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs, and
  • identifies domestic animal businesses.

The Moreland Domestic Animal Management Plan is currently up for renewal and we want to hear from you.

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Key change proposed

One of the major changes proposed in the Plan is the introduction of compulsory cat desexing. The main reason for introducing this change is to reduce the number of wild and unowned cats within the municipality. Desexing also helps pets to live longer, healthier lives and reduces the spread of zoonostic diseases within our municipality.

As an incentive, the first year of registration would be free for owners of desexed and microchipped cats.

Exceptions apply when a veterinarian has advised against desexing for health reasons or the cat is being kept for recognised breeding purposes (registered with an approved cat breeding association).  

Consultation now closed

Our survey on the Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan closed on 19 November 2017.

What happens after you give feedback

Once the consultation closes, we will work through all the submissions and feedback received to assist in shaping our Plan. Feedback will be provided on this page.

A report was presented at the Council meeting on 6 December 2017 where it was adopted. 

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