Vacant land differential rate

There is a different rate for vacant and unoccupied land in Moreland.

Purpose of Council's differential rate

The purpose of the differential rate is to encourage proper management of vacant land, and buildings on that land.

Moreland Council's differential rate is targeted at landowners who allow their sites to deteriorate and pose a risk to public safety or amenity.

Vacant land is any land on which no building is erected.

Unoccupied land is any land on which a building is erected but is determined as unfit for human habitation.

How we calculate the vacant land and unoccupied land rates

Moreland City Council uses capital improved value (CIV) as its valuation base for the calculation of rates.

In 2017, the rate in the dollar for vacant property is 0.01027240. 

So, if your  property is rated as Vacant Land and has a capital improved value of $600,000, this year you will pay $6,163.44 in rates, excluding additional charges or arrears:

An example of a calculation on a vacant block of land:
Capital improved value = $600,000
Vacant land rate in the dollar = 0.01027240
600,000 x 0.01027240= $6,163.44

The vacant land rate in the dollar and the unoccupied land rate in the dollar are the same.

All properties in Victoria are valued every second year. The last property valuation was 1 January 2016. See property valuation for further details.

When calculating the rates, excluding additional charges or arrears, the method is:

Rebate on differential rates

Owners of a property which is levied the differential rate can reduce the amount payable by applying to Council for a performance rebate. 

To receive the rebate, property owners must agree to satisfy performance criteria detailed under the Vacant and Unoccupied Land Management Rebate Policy (DOC 82Kb).

Owners should complete and submit the below form or Vacant Land Rebate fact sheet and application form (DOC 93Kb) to Council, detailing the works that will be undertaken to satisfy the performance criteria. The property will then be inspected and if successful the rebate is applied.

Application forms have been issued to those properties currently on the Vacant Land Rate. The closing date for these applications is 30 September 2017.

If your property becomes rated as Vacant Land throughout the 2017-18 rating period, Council will notify you in writing. These applications will be due 60 days from the issue date of the notification. Please pay your instalments as they fall due.

We are unable to accept late applications.

Vacant Land and Unoccupied Land and Building Management Rebate form

All land must be kept in a manner that ensures there is no detrimental impact on the amenity of the neighbourhood.

All land must be kept free of any material, which by its nature, composition, condition or location constitutes a danger to life or property from the threat of fire throughout the rating year.

Random inspections will be conducted throughout the year and the rebate may be removed if at any stage the property fails the inspection.

Does the land have a current Building Permit? If so provide the following details: