Operational grants

Operational grants support the development of an organisation that addresses clearly identified needs and embraces the principles of social justice, healthy living, environmental sustainability and community inclusion, for a 3 year period.

Recipients must actively work with Council toward service delivery for the benefit of the community.

Community Grants Program guidelines (DOC 394Kb) provides further information about this grant category.

Application dates

Applications are currently closed.

Amounts available

A maximum of $10,000 per year or $30,000 over 3 years.


The current funded period is 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2020.

Funding for a triennial fixed term basis, providing reporting requirements and agreed outcomes are met.

Funding will be provided for 3 years only. It is expected that the organisation will be self maintained and suitably self sufficient at the end of the funding term.

General eligibility criteria

To apply for funds through any one of the categories of the Moreland Community Grants Program, organisations must:

  • be not-for-profit and managed by a volunteer board or committee of management
  • be incorporated
  • have adequate public liability insurance
  • have no outstanding grant acquittals or outstanding debts owing to Council
  • propose an initiative which will benefit the Moreland community
  • be able to supply financial statements and information as requested
  • be able to meet conditions associated with receiving the grant, and
  • demonstrate the proposed activity is consistent with Local, State and Federal laws including Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995.

Operational grants funding priorities

In addition to general funding priorities, this category is specifically for:

  • The development of newly established community organisations.
  • The establishment and capacity building of emerging organisations that require funding to assist the delivery of quality programs and services within Moreland. i.e. newly formed groups and organisations.
  • Organisations that demonstrate willingness to actively work with Council toward service delivery for the benefit of the community.
  • Organisations with limited access to funding sources, therefore must clearly demonstrate willingness to actively seek other sources of income to become self sufficient at the end of funding term

General funding priorities

The Moreland Community Grants Program will prioritise support where:

  • The applicant's proposed activity focuses and directly benefits the Moreland community and occur within Council boundaries.
  • The applicant is providing a proposed activity that aligns with Council’s corporate objectives, priorities and strategies set out in the Council Plan.
  • The applicant has limited financial means to access other sources of funding.
  • The applicant has sought funding or in-kind support from other sources, where the applicant is deemed to be in a position to do so; with the exception of seniors groups.
  • The proposed activity maximises community benefit i.e. that can demonstrate multiple benefits, which may include cultural, environmental, heritage, health and wellbeing, social support and community participation outcomes.
  • The applicant is not already in receipt of substantial funding or in-kind support from Council. i.e. free venue hire, transport, with the exception of seniors groups.
  • The applicant can demonstrate the proposed activity is consistent with Local, State and Federal laws including Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995.
  • The applicant can demonstrate the proposed activity address the needs of residents with limited access to programs, services and activities.
  • The proposed activity incorporates collaboration or partnering with other groups.
  • The applicant clearly demonstrates their capacity to deliver the project.
  • Low priority will be given to large organisations that have significant sources of income or receive funding from other government or charitable organisations and have the financial capacity to fund projects.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that the organisation is sustainable and not dependent on continued Council financial support beyond the period of the grant.
  • Council may stipulate other priorities as part of the funding agreement.

What will not be funded 

  • Projects or activities that are considered to be core services of State or Federal Government.
  • Initiatives that do not focus or directly benefit the Moreland community.
  • Initiatives that are singular, insular or of self-interest to the applicant or that promote the business or profit interest of the applicant.
  • More than one project by an applicant under the any one category in a financial year.
  • Requests for retrospective funding, where projects have commenced or are completed prior to submitting an application or receiving funding approval.
  • Projects that are not ready to proceed.
  • Applications submitted after the closing date.
  • Applicants seeking funds to cover venue hire, catering costs or other expenses for regular meetings, social functions or other activities that are the routine function of the group.
  • Purchases of equipment that are associated with the routine function of the group.
  • Costs associated with the purchase or maintenance of vehicles of any kind.
  • Funding for fees associated with hire of a council facility or a council service, or rental of a facility where applicant has sole occupancy, i.e. town halls, Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, community centres and meeting rooms.
  • Applications from schools for curriculum based activities or where the activity outcome is confined to the school.
  • Permanent public art installations.
  • Core programs or services that are funded by Council.
  • Proposals which fail to provide information requested in the Moreland Community Grants Program.
  • Applications who fail to meet eligibility requirements or cannot provide public liability insurance policy that provides appropriate coverage for the proposed activities.
  • Applications seeking funding to cover outstanding loans or debts.
  • Any applicant in arrears in debt repayment to Council.
  • Applications where the recipient organisation/s promote and/or benefit directly from electronic gaming machines.
  • Organisations that have failed to complete any previous projects funded by Moreland City Council or have not submitted acquittal documentation in full.
  • General fundraising and fundraising events, competitions, trophies, prizes or awards.
  • Festivals.

How to apply

Applications for this grant category are currently closed. When applications are open, visit how to apply for a community grant for further details.

See once you have received a grant for information about reporting and other requirements for grant recipients.