Find out when your hard waste will be collected

This year's hard waste collection will run for five weeks from Monday 20 March to Friday 21 April

Enter your address to see when hard waste will be collected from your property.

You will receive a notice from Council at least two weeks before the hard waste collection comes to your area.


Renew your dog or cat animal registration by 10 April

Animal registration renewal notices have been sent in the mail. The due date for payment is 10 April

You can renew your cat registration or renew your dog registration online through the Council website.

Make sure your dog or cat is registered with Council. When your pet is wearing its registration tag it can be identified by Council and returned to you if it is lost or injured. You may also be fined if your cat or dog is over 3 months old and is not registered.


Join us for Glenroy Festival!

The Glenroy Festival will return to Bridget Shortell Reserve on Sunday 30 April 2017 from 12 - 4 pm.

Come down for a free afternoon of delightful music and dance, activities for the kids and delicious food stalls.


Use our park search to find a park near you

With the weather starting to look better, it's time to get outdoors.

Find a park with a playground, barbecue, table or other feature like an outdoor gym, wetland, sand pit or basketball ring. 

With more than 100 parks to choose from, with photos and some with video, you can preview what's on offer. A map shows you where parks are located.


Microchipping your dog or cat is a great way to make sure your pet can be easily identified.

Vets, animal shelters and local Councils can scan the microchip and then contact you to let you know the location of your pet.

It's important you keep your details current. This means if your animal is lost, Council can identify your pet and return it to you easily.


We want to hear from you

Visit consultations to share your ideas for your community.

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